A Welcome from the Chair of District - The Revd Julian Pursehouse

julian pursehouse

It was a privilege to be appointed by the Methodist Conference to serve as Chair in this district from September 2014. East Anglia is a particularly idyllic part of the British Isles and an area where you can be constantly reminded of the beauty of God's creation.

The East Anglia district is geographically vast and culturally diverse, stretching from the North Norfolk coast to the leafy suburbs of Cambridge and from the flat expanse of the Fens to the bustle of Felixstowe docks! I trust that within this rainbow community you will find a warmth of welcome, an optimism in God's grace and a passion for the Gospel!



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Glenda Tooke from the Norfolk Broads Circuit has kindly prepared three quizzes to exercise our brains during Lockdown and to raise funds for the James Paget Hospital. Please click on the following links to access the quizzes: 

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A useful guide on how to set up a traditional phone line for group calls and recorded messages/devotions/services has been put together by Stuart Wilkinson, a member of St Ives Methodist Church. Click here.

Below is a pastoral letter from The Revd Julian Pursehous, Chair of The East Anglia District

September 2020

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

‘The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.’

Thus, begins one of my favourite novels, the Go-Between, by LP Hartley, that tells the tale of a young boy called Leo growing up in Edwardian Britain. An elderly Leo stumbles across a diary at the beginning of the story and he revisits his memories of one fateful summer that would change the course of his life for ever. Whilst staying at the aristocratic home of one of his school friends in Norfolk; he finds himself drawn inexorably into the role of a secret messenger between two elicit lovers, the high-born Marian and the tenant farmer Ted. The love affair is doomed to end in tragedy and of course it cannot survive because of the social conventions of the day – the reader is drawn into the unfolding disaster and one cannot help but feel pathos for the unwitting Leo whose innocence is shattered through the illicit deception of the adult world. As the elderly Leo confronts these memories he is forced to relive these events and return to a place that is strange and unfamiliar because it belongs to a different time in history.

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